Monday, July 15, 2013

Fleischer Studios in-house gag drawing signed by animators.


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    1. Gene--thanks man! check out some of the new designs posted

  2. Wow-- those are great- thanks for sharing!

  3. Jerry, I saw you on History Detectives and found out you're a Warner Bros, Guru. I was hoping you could help me out with a Cel I got in about 1980. It's a Cel signed by Mel Blanc from a cartoon that I think was called Porkie's Poppa. (I think around 1935) I also think it's a nitrate cel. It shows Porkie as young boy with his Poppa. All the books I've read don't show it listed. It's a full color Cel and any info you could give me would be a great help.

    Charlie McCarthy
    A Facebook Fan

    1. Charlie, sorry for the late reply--This is Frank F--I run this blog. Jerry can be found at Cartoon Research.