Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starting a YOUTUBE Channel

So this is my youtube Channel for my original animated shorts

Here's short i did called The "Struggle". It ran in a bunch of Film Festivals.

I think it's important for anyone wanting to do original content to get a YOUTUBE channel and start making shorts. if you're tired of getting turned down by networks with your pitches, then start doing it yourself and start building a fanbase. One example of a web cartoon than got picked up by a network (Nick) is MAKING FIENDS.

Other very popular web cartoons are Mondo Media's HAPPY TREE FRIENDS


Another popular web series is THE ANNOYING ORANGE

All of these shows have gotten MILLIONS of views and are part of the YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM

I suggest you look up and study who successful YOUTUBE partners are and how they got there. Also look up YOUTUBE stars--These may not be animation people, but they are doing original content and making money from advertisers. The trick is to be all original and upload frequently--then use social media to promote your channel. You used to not be able to make money on the internet with ads, but now with the YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM and adsense, you can. You also want to sell the prescrolling ads that run before the YOUTUBE videos play--these pay even more money.

A site that analyzes YouTube partners is TUBEFILTER- It's like THE SOUP for YOUTUBE.

So, yes YOUTBE is the place to be for original content--and you can make money. It just has to be good and frequent.

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