Friday, March 30, 2012

Boarders Without Borders:

Are you prepared to handle clients across the country, or even halfway across the world? In this fast changing world of digital art and social networking, it is more important than ever to be able to market yourself as versatile storyboard artist. In this presentation you will learn the networking tricks to landing storyboard jobs and connections outside your current network. We will start with a skills check up, to make sure you have the right stuff. Then we dive into five key tactics that can get you a job anywhere in the world. Learn the fundamentals to engaging with clients, preparing and delivering your work, and establishing long lasting network relationships.

Sergio Paez is a San Francisco artist specializing in storyboards, animation, and visual development for TV, feature films, and games. His animation credits in the United States and in Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega.

As an independent filmmaker, Sergio has shown his work at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, at the North Hampton Film Festival, and at the Microcinefest in Baltimore.

Sergio’s work was featured in “The Art of Clone Wars” published by Chronicle Books, “The Art of Darkwatch” published by Design Studio Press, and the Totoro Forest Project Art Exhibition. Sergio worked for Lucas Animation on the Clone Wars Animated Series. You can see more of Sergio’s work at

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