Monday, October 31, 2022

Asylum Press announces their current Kickstarter: Vampire Macabre, Vampires: Blood Shot & Fearless Dawn Horror Comic Books, has fully funded in twenty-four hours.




Asylum Press announces their current Kickstarter: Vampire Macabre, Vampires: Blood Shot & Fearless Dawn Horror Comic Books, has fully funded in twenty-four hours.


Oct. 31, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – Asylum Press announces their current Kickstarter: Vampire Macabre: Nosferatu Special, Vampires: Blood Shot One-Shot, Fearless Dawn: Shorts and Fearless Dawn: Swimsuit Special has launched and fully funded in twenty-four hours.

This current Kickstarter will help launch four new horror/action adventure comic book titles from Asylum Press featuring the talents of Frank Forte (Warlash, Lovecraft Country, Heavy Metal Magazine, Solar Opposites), Tim Vigil (Faust, Gothic Nights, Frank Frazetta Comics), Steve “Karswell” Banes (Haunted Horror, Zombies: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, Ghosts: Classic Monsters of pre-Code Horror Comics), Drazen Kozjan (Demons Five, Excorcists Nothing, Working Mummies) ( Edu Menna (Vampire Macabre, Miss Fury) and MoraMike (Vampire Macabre, Heavy Metal Magazine). Asylum Press is also offering a few different sets of hard and soft enamel pins created by Frank Forte and a set of stickers and hard enamel pins from Frank Forte’s horror brand Frankenhorrors. 

Vampire Macabre: Nosferatu Special, Vampires: Blood Shot One-Shot, Fearless Dawn: Shorts and Fearless Dawn: Swimsuit Special can be found here:

Are you a fan of the shock/terror storytelling of Eerie and Creepy magazines? DC Comics’ The House of Mystery, House of Secrets or The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror TV Shows? Do you like the horrors of EC Comics’ Tales from The Crypt, Black Cat Mystery, and other pre-code horror comics? If so, this collection of anthology horror comics is for you. Asylum Press brings you four issues of insane, twisted, gory pages that will keep your eyes bleeding until the very end. 

VAMPIRES Blood Shot One-Shot

Edited by Steve “Karswell” Banes  (The Haunted Horror, Mummies!: Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics)

Artist(s): Harry Lazarus, Frank ForteMel Keefer, Sid Check

Cover Artist(s): (COVER A) Sid Check, (COVER B and D): Drazen Kozjan

Hot on the bloodied heels of Asylum Press's horrific hit, VAMPIRES #1, comes this second round of vicious vampiric insanity, as The Horrors of it All's, Mr. Karswell cracks open another coffin-loaded collection of foul fanged, bat winged terrors from the Golden Age of pre-code comics! Six sinister tales to assault your salivating senses as you're transported back in time to face a rather bloodthirsty ancestor in "Blood for the Vampire!" Legendary artist, Mel Keefer asks you if there's anything worse than a "Special on Beet Soup?" And then Harry Lazarus unleashes one of the most insidiously mad monster mash-ups ever in, "The Wolpire!" Plus, a "True Vampires of History" lesson, a shivery superb cover by Syd Check, additional crypt classics from Harvey, Stanley Morse, and lots more! 


VAMPIRE MACABRE: Nosferatu Special

Author(s): Frank Forte, Tim Vigil 

Artist(s): Frank Forte, Edu Menna, Tim Vigil

Cover Artist(s): (COVER A) Tim Vigil, (COVER B) Frank Forte

Asylum Press brings you a horrific blood thirsty collection of all-new Vampire tales. Featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Frank Forte delivers another installment of our favorite vampire queen NOSFERAZIXX! Frank Forte and Edu Menna revive ZEPHIRA: THE NIGHT KILLER for another round of post-apocalyptic vampiric action. And lastly, Tim Vigil (Faust, Gothic Nights) gives us "Feline Fatale" A seductive female Vampire wakes up from her coffin and prepares to walk the night, she is interrupted by a prowling black cat. A must for all vampire fans!



Author(s): Steve Mannion

Artist(s): Steve Mannion

Cover Artist(s): (COVER A, B, C, D) Steve Mannion

Steve Mannion's Fearless Dawn comics have always been about good art and fun and this latest offering is no exception! 32 pages of straight-up beach going action and fashion! Throw in a monster or two, and some machine guns and you know what we're talking about. See all of Steve Mannion’s sexy heroines in full beach Bikini glory! Your mouth will drop when you peek at Fearless Dawn, Betty and Helga as they try on the latest skimpy swimwear and lingerie! A great little comic guaranteed to brighten your wintery day! Woo Hoo! Surf's up!


Author(s): Steve Mannion

Artist(s): Steve Mannion

Cover Artist(s): (COVER A, B, C) Steve Mannion

Hey Folks! We're back! Hyuck! Hyuck! ...Delivering this ONE-SHOT ISSUE of FEARLESS DAWN'S "SHORTS". Featuring five all-new short stories and 30 pages of content! All your favorite Fearless Dawn Universe characters re-enacting SHORT STORIES from history, legend, and folklore...  in “RUN” we FREAK-OUT as Fearless Dawn encounters some ghouls and ghosties from the Haunted Devils Den!!! Colorfully rendered in ink, marker and watercolors and displayed in beloved comic book format. In “General Mud” FD defeats every army in sight! FLIP THE EVER LOVIN' MUTHA OUT!!!-When you witness “Jack the Ripper” meeting his match!!! Dinosaurs, zombies, monsters and sexy gals permeate this tome of comic goodness!  In ”FIGHT” Fearless dawn takes on her arch-nemesis Helga again for a duel to end all duels!! A MASSIVE AMOUNT of comic book fun coming at you from Asylum Press and comics creator, Steve Mannion.

“We are excited to offer these great new titles to fans or horror and comics”, explains publisher anD creator Frank Forte, “but we are also trying to crowdfund a series of enamel pins and die cut stickers”

“When we go to conventions, we always get asked about enamel pins and stickers, so we brought a set of stickers, the Frankenhorrors Classic Monster set, to Comic Con International and Monsterpalooza and they were a big hit, so we decided to do a set of enamel pins based on the stickers.”

The Vampire Macabre Kickstarter also features Frank Forte’s Creepy Cute Enamel Pins as a reward and add-on. These soft enamel pins feature cute rubber hose styled characters with various weapons, the second set of Creepy Cute Enamel Pins features the characters’ heads.

The Frankenhorrors set of enamel pins is a hard enamel pin set, which features Frank’s takes on classic monsters such as the bride of Frankenstein, a vampire, a werewolf, a succubus and a swamp creature.




About Asylum Press

Asylum Press is a Los Angeles-based comic book and graphic novel publisher. The company publishes high-concept books from the industry’s top talent within the horror, fantasy, and action adventure genres via a bold new business model that focuses on digital publishing and new distribution outlets in both the American and international markets. Its flagship titles include Fearless DawnThe BombChopperBlack PowderWarlash, and the popular horror anthologies Zombie TerrorsEEEK!Asylum of Horrors, and Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell. For more information, visit


About Frank Forte

Frank Forte is an accomplished designer, storyboard artist and comic book artist. Frank’s film and TV credits include:Lovecraft Country, Fantasy Island, Solar Opposites, Dreamwork’s 3Below, Bob’s Burgers, Insidious 4, Lego: Guardians of the Galaxy, Despicable Me 2, Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, and Lego Hero Factory. Frank’s comic book credits include: Heavy Metal Magazine, Bob’s Burgers, Warlash, DTOX, Zombie Terrors and Chicken Soup For Satan among others.

In Frank’s spare time he paints.  Influenced by classic cartoons and comic books, Frank’s paintings are an assemblage of inspiration from what he grew up watching on TV and reading in comic books. Trying to capture the feeling and emotion of a moving cartoon on a flat canvas, Frank’s work incorporates horrific and twisted subjects in disturbingly bizarre situations.  His work has been exhibited at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Copro Gallery, Corey Helford Gallery, CASS Contemporary, Dark Art Emporium, Arch Enemy Arts, Phone Booth Gallery, Night Gallery Fine Arts, Cannibal Flower, LTD. Gallery and Hyaena Gallery.

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